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Concierto de Cuerpo (2020)

Concierto De Cuerpo is a video-performance project that took place in November of 2020 in Seville, Spain. The resulted work is based on the research on the topics of sound of history and architecture, as well as acoustic phenomena.

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Ciudades Canciones

Ciudades Canciones is an ongoing audiovisual series generated from the sonic experience lived in various cities. Giving myself the freedom of the modern Flâneur of the 21st century, with the tools of my body in movement and the mobile phone, I look through my ears and try to capture unrepeatable sounds constituted by the context.

Deep Listening: Open Your Body And Your Ears Will Follow (2018)

Deep Listening: Open your body and your ears will follow is a workshop or collective performance intended to facilitate an openness towards a sensorial listening experience, iniciated from the body and from the physicallity. It is directly influenced by the work of Pauline Oliveros and somatic dance techniques.

Forever Echo (2017)

Forever Echo is a piece inspired by the different forms of freedom experienced in punk music contexts and by the Counterculture. I listen to myself listening to the other. I listen to the power of my own body as an instrument. As a noise maker and a listening instrument. I am interested in the ways in which I can make my body sound

and resonate. Listening to the thoughts that compose my own identity.

Nunofyrbeeswax Plays The Stage (2016)

Nunofyrbeeswax Plays The Stage is a piece that interplays with music composing techniques that I use to write lyrics for my band Nunofyrbeeswax, and dance composition. It is an experiment of translating the material I generated for my band
into a dance performance aesthetic. We are not playing our musical instruments, but we are playing the space with our bodies and our voices.

Noise IV (2014)

Noise IV is a dance and music piece that emerged from the research on the relationship between the Beat Poetry in the late fifties in the U.S. and Krautrock or Kosmische MusiK in the late sixties in Germany. The two art movements coincide on their interest in the subconcious and the psychedelia. The performance’s music is
composed live by Angela at the same time that the dance occurs. Noise was awarded with the RadioCity Price in the city of Valencia in 2013.

Velvet (2020) by Claire Vivianne Sobottke

Show: Gropius Bau, Berlin – Down To Earth Festival (2020)

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Cavidad Radio

Cavidad Radio (ongoing) is a sonic-somatic space for performative inquiry. The invisible in the intervals of language and of the body. CAVITY through our humid geographies, an hydro-feminism carried out by three female artists who move between the north and the south of the planetary sphere. We are Ángela Muñoz
Martínez, Cécile Brousse and Natalia Ramírez Puschel. 

Menstrual Metal (2019) by Jule Flierl

Shows: Uferstudios, Berlin, as part of Ausufern Festival (2019)
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N.E.X (2013) by Proyecto Uno, Inmaculada Jiménez

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Peaches Does Herself (2010-2012)

Musical and film directed by Peaches and choreographed by Jeremy Wade.

HAU Hebbel Am Ufer, Berlin (2010 and 2011)
Toronto International Film Festival (2012)

Object II (2011) by Alexandre Achour

Shows: Uferstudios, Berlin (2011)
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